Semi-Trailer Hook Lift

Semi-Trailer Hook Lift




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New cayvol Hook Trucks:

Semi Hook -LIFT

Semi-Trailers Hook Lift
• Two axles of 25,000 lbs. capacity each
• Empty weight 12,200 lbs.
• Payload: 41,800 lbs.
• Hook 61 ¾”
• Container from 18 to 24 ft
• Lifting capacity 50 000 lbs.
• Heavy-duty frame 22-foot deck
• Fifth Wheel King Pin Standard Pin 48”
• Tires 4 x 445/50R22.5
• Air Brakes
• Air suspension
• Rubber /Fenders mudguard
• 7’’ x 96’’ (2) hydraulic cylinders for loading and dumping
• 5’’x 60’’ hydraulic cylinder for the JIB
• Dumping angle up to 55°
• Valve block mounted on the trailer
• 40 Gallon Oil Tank
• Manual jacks HOLLAND MARK V
• Quick connect connection for connection to the PTO of the truck
• Wireless Electric/Hydraulic tarping system
• Work lights mounted on the Tarping system
• Drop or dump selection from the truck
• Rear bumper with LED lights
• Epoxy Primer
• Choice of Color for the paint.

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All the benefits at a glance

Perfect allrounders With the usage of swap containers the application areas are widely spred, e.g. in agriculture and forestry or in the construction, landscape gardening and municipal sectors.

Short or long? A wide range of different lengths of hook lifts allows the transport of short or even extra-long containers.

True thrust All hook lift roll-off tippers are equipped with a hydraulic push arm as standard.

Brand new Krampe only mounts new hook lifts. They are customised to the requirements of the tractor. The modern roll-off tippers comply with the relevant safety standards and regulations.

A good hook Krampe covers the whole spectrum with hook heights from 0.90m (Citylift) to 1.57m

Lightweight and high performer The auxiliary frame of the hook lift gear is integrated in the Krampe chassis and solidly welded. This special design turns the frame into a load-bearing component. This reduces the tare weight and the roller height.

Effortless Sliding rollers make it easy to move the container (pick up and set down).

Unlimited choice of tyres Our trailers are available with factory fitted tyres of your choice. You name the brand, size and tread.

A good base In addition to the standard pneumatic suspension, we also offer parabolic suspensions or hydraulic running gears for export.

Easy picking up During the tipping process as well as while picking up and setting down the container, the pneumatic suspension is lowered, so there is no need for any hydraulic rear axle support. This results in a very shallow lifting angle which considerably improves the lifting capacity when the container is set down.

Efficient and economical Using the hook lift roll off tipper with different swap containers a wide range of tasks can be carried out. That reduces everything to a single carrier vehicle, creating high utilisation at reduced procurement costs.