PowerPlus – Bulldozer | D65EX-15 18.3T

PowerPlus – Bulldozer | D65EX-15 18.3T

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POWERPLUS bulldozers


POWERPLUS Bulldozers come equipped with a CAT3306B(L) or Cummins NT/NTA 855 series engine. These engines are purpose-built to produce high torque coupled with superior reliability, performance and more importantly, low fuel consumption.

For ease of maintenance, the POWERPLUS engineering team handpicks engines that are covered under an international warranty package. This enables users across the globe to conveniently tap on the OEM’s service network.


The key to a high-performance bulldozer is its ability to transmit power from the engine to its final drive efficiently.

The answer to this is the POWERPLUS TranstorqueTM transmission system. Based on a revolutionary 3-element, 1-stage 1-phase design, POWERPLUS TranstorqueTM effortlessly transmits power from the engine to its final drive through a high-efficiency torque converter that minimizes power loss.

The result of this patented powershift planetary gear system is an exceptionally responsive machine that is capable of annihilating any obstacle in its way.


POWERPLUS bulldozers adopt an equalizer beam suspension system that is reinforced for optimum strength and durability. This oscillating undercarriage facilitates the bulldozer to overcome the roughest of terrains resulting in outstanding traction and seamless blade control.


What differentiates a great bulldozer from a regular one is its structural frame. POWERPLUS prides itself on using a highly reinforced hull frame that is welded together by robots as its core. The frame is then tested by a five-axis measuring device to ensure its quality and fit. This extensive process ensures that all other components fits onto the frame perfectly resulting in a flawless machine.


The undercarriage is the most frequently worn out component on any bulldozer. Therefore, a more durable undercarriage translates to lower running costs. Not only does POWERPLUS adopt Italian heat treatment technology on its undercarriage parts, it also incorporates imported Japanese oil seals and larger bushings to increase the life span on this major wear and tear components.


At POWERPLUS, we make it our responsibility to help our clients capitalize their investment. Our engineers at POWERPLUS recognizes that operators spend most of their time working in any machine. Considerable emphasis has been placed to ensure that operators are comfortable and able to work optimally as it directly equates to higher productivity.

POWERPLUS bulldozers are completed with a well-displayed instrumental panel, ergonomically-positioned controls and a well-damped cabin tailored to reduce external noise and vibrations. Our engineers have also gone the extra mile to study the built of operators from different regions worldwide before deciding on the optimal placement of the seat.

To top it off, POWERPLUS hexagonal glass cabin comes equipped with wipers on both doors. This permits close-to-perfect visibility for operators in wet weather conditions, allowing operators to make the perfect cut throughout the year regardless of weather conditions.


As the last part of the transmission system, POWERPLUS recognizes that the final drive is one of the most critical components of the bulldozer. For this reason, we have opted for a two-stage spur gear heat treated with Italian technology to withstand relentless wear and tear, and a fully-lubricated final drive system for improved life in abrasive conditions.


As POWERPLUS bulldozers cater to the global market, an effective cooling system is required to suit different climates. An all-new enlarged radiator is designed for superior heat-dissipation, ensuring that the engine works at an ideal temperature. Unobstructed access to the radiator makes cleaning and servicing hassle-free.


Our engineers have gone back to the drawing board with the aim to design a machine that focuses on ease of maintenance. Daily checks can be performed at ground level and the various aspects of the machine’s condition can be monitored through the well-displayed instrument panel.

Large swing-out doors on the front and both sides of the front frame provide easy access to the engine compartment for scheduled preventive maintenance and heavy repairs. POWERPLUS bulldozers also come with a centralized pressure testing port that enables users to execute troubleshooting procedures effortlessly.



Weight 18300 kg
Engine Power 130 kW (178 HP) @ 1850 rpm
Hydraulic Pump Flow 14 MPa (140kg f/cm2)


Engine Model CAT3306B (L)
Max. Torque 764 N.m @ 1400 rpm
Displacement 9.73 L
Emission Standard Euro II


Weight 18300 kg
Max. Digging Depth 510 mm


Transport Width 3388 mm
Transport Height 1150 mm
Upper Width 2490 mm
Blade Height 1100 mm
Tail Swing Radius 2205 mm


Std. Track Shoe Width 600 mm
Track Gauge 1880 mm
Arm Length
Track Shoes (per side) 37
Carrier Roller (per side) 2


Travel Speed 3.6/4.7 km/h
Gradeability 30°
Ground Pressure 0.067 MPa
Bucket Digging Force 93 kN
Arm Digging Force 66 kN
Fuel Tank Capacity 300 L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 108 L
Engine Oil 20L
Engine Coolant 60L

POWERPLUS bulldozers